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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Father Murdered!

I have never been more furious in my life. I am currently dealing with a very delicate matter and what I really need more than anything is some support. Well I certainly did not get that from the B.M.H. team. I trusted them with investigating sightings of a spirit that I am now convinced is my father returning from the grave. I invited B.M.H. to my parents house to see if they could help but they fled right at the moment when my fathers ghost appeared vividly before us all.

A ghostly figure appeared that was unmistakably my father. To my disgust Bernard, Mark and Horatio all ran out the front door, jumped in their car and drove off. I have not heard anything from them since and nor do I want to hear from them ever in the future. These are people who claimed they are my friends. What a joke? I know they saw what I saw and instead of remaining professional and documenting the sighting they appeared to run scared. These are people claiming to be ghost hunters. You don't run from ghosts if you are a ghost hunter. I feel so let down. They could of helped to explain what is happening and what I should do about it. Anyway I have decided to take action of my own.

My father has come to visit me for a purpose. He told me something so shocking that will require the involvement of the police force. My father told me he did not die of natural causes! My father has come back in a spirit form to tell me he was murdered. My father was poisoned to death. And the murderer is my Uncle Claude with the help of my mother. I realise this is incredible but I can and will prove it. I have a plan that will prove the means of my fathers death. I need to get physical proof of how my father died. The official report states he died from natural causes. This is false and was most probably arranged by my Uncle and mother. I don't know how they did it but they may of payed off the doctor or some administration officers. I will take action into my own hands.

Tomorrow night I will go to the graveyard and dig up my fathers corpse in order to get a sample of his flesh that I will then take up to the forensics unit on the fourth floor of Building 9 at the University of Canberra. After they analyse the sample and it returns positive to lethal poison I will take this to the police for investigation. My Uncle and mother are evil people and they cannot be allowed to get away with the murder of my father. It is my responsibility to avenge the murder of my father. He has returned from a very long way away to tell me of his death at the hands of my Uncle and mother. I will now seek and find the evidence needed to get justice and vengeance!

John Hamlet JR - Video 2

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

First Sighting

Evidence of Activity

I have shown this video footage of what I believe to be some sort of super-natural activity. The official term is unexplained phenomena however I believe there is some sort of spirit or ghost. I know this is not a construction of my imagination and I think these video taken at my parents place confirms this.

I look forward to the B.M.H. team arriving and giving me a professional opinion of what they think. Their opinion of these videos are that something here exists that needs investigating and an explanation. That is all I want, an explanation. What is it? Where is it coming from? How do I make it go away?

BMH intro video