Sunday, 24 April 2016

Anzac Day

Today is Anzac Day and this is a time I associate with my father. I always spent time with my father each year on Anzac Day. He would take me along to the parade and we would remember those who gave so much for us to live in this free country.

It seems my fathers spirit is with me. I have experienced visions of my father in my dreams and also certain strange noises and apparitions. I cannot explain what I have seen but I am considering getting professional help to investigate what is going on. It would be comforting to confirm these mysterious incidents with someone who has experience with such matters.

I know my fathers soul could not rest peacefully knowing that I did inherit his estate and that his brother has married my mother. This would make him furious. My father promised me that after his death all his wealth would go to me when I turned eighteen. Now that my mother has married Uncle Claude this looks impossible as he has claimed his right to my fathers estate. The entire situation is unacceptable and a complete mess. I do not know what to do and how to act. Arguing with my mother and uncle is futile as they only threaten me with eviction. I should be the one evicting them.

My fathers death came as a big shock and was not expected. It seems I was not prepared to deal with events after his death. I feel vulnerable and helpless at the moment and also angry, very very angry.