Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Me Against The World

It was nice to be around the rest of the family once more, even for a brief visit. Somehow, happiness found itself inside myself and our house. This is exactly what it was like when Dad was around. Heck, he would've even cracked a smile if he was watching. I felt he was there, that's for sure. As time wandered along, it just seem too good to be true.

Indeed, that became the case.

I was right when I saw that pictures of Dad were nowhere to be found. Instead, all of them were replaced by Uncle Claude and that smug look on his face. At that point, my blood began to boil. It didn't help that it was nighttime and my relatives began their long journey home. One by one, that happiness around the house left straight through the door. Then, it happened.

Uncle Claude grabbed the wine glass that is etched forever in my memory. The very same wine glass that Dad used in every family gathering. As Uncle Claude took a sip with Mum by his side, it hit home deep in my gut. It's as if the lid blew off a boiling point. All I remember was screaming from him and me and that horrified look that my Mum gave me. It wasn't my finest moment and her look will stick with me for a long time. I just feel tired from all of this. "Me against the world". I just want to get through to her. If God, or the Universe, is listening, give me a sign.