Sunday, 1 May 2016

Unusual Activity

I am troubled with some events that have occurred. Recently I have experienced some unusual activity in the evening. I have witnessed strange sounds and some strange sights. I realise this is peculiar and highly irregular and therefore I have sort some professional help. I did some research into super natural activity and this lead me to a firm that may give me some explanations. The company is B.M.H. and they have a promotional video which can be found here: .

I have managed to capture some of the activity I have experienced. The noises and sounds seem to happen in the place I sit and study in the evening. I have captured some of the sounds I have heard and what I believe to be a spirit of some kind from the other side. Of course most people would think this to be very strange and that is the reason I have sought professional opinion. The B.M.H. team will be coming out to investigate the area where I am experiencing these strange events. I am hoping for some comfort and reassurance. I do not know who else to turn to. My father is gone and my Uncle and mother married, this means I no longer trust them and I will not confide in them. I am reluctant to tell friends of my sightings as they may get the wrong opinion. I realise people can be very sceptical and I will tread carefully with this matter. I will keep you updated with events over the next few days.